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Scouts make and launch rockets


A4 white card
Several 2 litre empty pop bottles
Plastic pipe for launcher and to fold rocket (see diagram for sizes) (1 metre 21.5mm for each launcher)
Small flat piece of wood for launcher base
Pipe clips to secure launch pipe to wooden base

Note: Build the launcher(s) in advance. 3-4 launchers is best for a whole section.


Using the attached instructions, construct the launcher which once built can be used again and again, the only bit that needs replacing is the bottle
Make the rockets out of A4 card. The paper is rolled wide wise around a spare piece of pipe so that it isn’t too tight. Sellotape or glue the edge down. Squash one end flat and fold the corners over and staple, or glue well. This is the nose and shouldn’t let air out
Cut out the fins and fold along the dotted lines and glue to the bottom of the rocket
Colour in the rockets so that the rockets can be identified and it will enhance their appearance
The rocket is powered by stamping on an empty 2 litre drinks bottle and is very effective, with some bottles, you can quickly destroy them and therefore may need a large supply of 2 litre bottles
One change that could be made is to add a piece of wood to hold the launch tube vertically
When the bottle is jumped on it can sometimes twist and may hit someone by accident. As long as young people queue behind the launcher, and it is not directed towards people, the rocket is perfectly safe
The heights reached are spectacular
- If the rocket won't launch check the rocket nose, if can escape from there it won't launch


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