Dissolving necklaces game

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With thanks to John Hemming-Clark at 1000 Fantastic Scout games


1 length of string, 1 Barrett Refresher sweet and 1 washing-up liquid bottle per scout, 1 drill, water in washing-up bowls


Drill a hold through the refreshers and thread onto a length of string. Tie into a necklace and put it round the scouts' neck and make sure they're on display. Give them all a washing-up bottle filled with water. On "Go!" scouts have to squirt each other's necklaces to dissolve the Refresher. Scouts with dissolved refreshers are out. The winner is the one who keeps his Refresher, or part of it, intact the longest.

Scouts cannot be attacked whilst refuelling with water. Scouts whose Refreshers have dissolved can still play on. Play in teams. Have some roving scouts / leaders without necklaces who are armed with more substantial water pistols.


  • Water fight

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