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Eat a vegetable/ fruit plate (make something to eat or drink)


 A selection of fruit
 Cocktail sticks
 Food Container
 Paper plates
 Wet wipes
 Blender
 Small plastic cups


Fruit Salad
• Show the Ladybirds a selection of different whole fruits.
• See if the Ladybird can identify all the different fruit.
• Show them how to wash and prepare the fruit for the fruit salad.
• Add fruit juice to the prepared fruit and mix.
• Encourage the girls to sample some.

Fruit Cocktail
• Prior to the meeting prepare Peach slices, Pineapple cubes , Cherries ,Grapes ,Sliced banana ,Orange segments in separate containers
• At the meeting give each Ladybird a cocktail stick to make a fruit kebab for themselves

Summer Smoothie
To make this Smoothie you can use fresh, frozen or tin fruit
• Ladybirds put strawberries , raspberries, plain yoghurt, and a glass of low fat milk into blender
• Leader blends mix
• Ladybirds help pour and serve to all the Unit


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