C7 Where I Live

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Aim: To help the young people understand something of the area in which they live. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-7


• CD/tape player and appropriate music
• Photographs of local area/features
• Map of local area


Label the 4 corners of hall with items from the local area e.g. school, park, doctor’s surgery, church. When the music plays young people move around hall and go to their chosen corner when the music stops. The leader (who is not looking) calls out a particular feature e.g. shops and young people in that corner are out (or lose a point). Play until only 1 person is left who is the winner.

Have photographs of local places. Can the young people recognise them?

Have a large map of local area. Ask boys to identify where they live. Could put photographs from previous game on map. Also place on map photographs of the local places such as school, church, shops, etc.
Can the young people describe how they get to BB?

For full details see Anchors Pro Pack C7


  • anchors
  • community
  • Community Life
  • local area
  • local community
  • local knowledge
  • Local Services

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