IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Road Safety Option 01

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Know and demonstrate the Safe Cross Code( Penny Hike)


 Coin per group
 Check IGG Safety Guidelines for Adult to Brownie Ratio for outdoor activities


Penny Hike is a walk around the local area using a coin as navigation.
It works better in urban area with many road junctions but could be adapted.

• Split into small groups (Sixes are ideal)
• Ensure at least one Leader/Unit Helper is assigned to accompany each group.
• Agree time to return to starting point
• Give each group a coin. Any coin will do but larger ones are easier to use and see (especially catching it in the dark!).
• Set off walking.
• At every road junction decide which direction is 'heads' and which is 'tails'.
• Toss the coin and continue the walk in the direction determined by the result.
• When crossing roads, use the Safe Cross Code

As the walk progresses the group can be quizzed about road signs, road safety, and items of local interest and so on.

The Leader controls the length of the walk by simply calling time in order to get back to the starting point by the agreed time.


  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • out and about Pack
  • penny hike
  • road safety
  • safe cross code

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