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Carry out a minibeast/bug hunt-Look and see if you can spot any of thefollowing:Woodlice,spider,ant, slug, nail,millipede/centipede,caterpillar,ladybird.What else could you find


Jam Jar Bug Hunt
 Jam Jar,
 Black Card
 Sellotape
 Funnel
 Torch
 Paper plate
 A magnifying glass
 Leaf Litter

Safari Bug Hunt
 Copies of hunt (see overleaf)
 Pencil per person


Introduction Jam Jar Bug Hunt
This activity is suitable for woodlands or where there is a lot of plant litter under trees/shrubs. Insects love plant litter. This activity is suitable to complete during a Pack Holiday.


• Cover jam jar with black paper
• Place a large funnel (or make one out of tinfoil) into the jar
• Fill the funnel with damp leaf litter
• Hang a torch about 10cm above the leaves and switch it on.
• Wait for a couple of hours
• The heat and light from the lamp will drive the animals into the dark jar
• To study the bugs, turn them out on to the paper plate.

Instructions Bug Safari
• Give each pair of Brownies a copy of the Bug Safari and a pencil.
• Brownies follow the instructions on the sheet.
• Set the time length for the activity.
• In Pow wow, discuss what each pair found and were some bugs harder to find.


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