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Practice one relaxation technique that you particularly like




Mini-meditations act as speed bumps throughout the day.
They are fun for Brownies yet have a built-in mechanism to slow children down and help them grow a peaceful place inside.

While out on your walk practice a five minute walking mediation session.
Start the session by chiming a gong sound – you can find one on the internet or an app, or have one of the Brownies start you off with a gong sound.

Everyone becomes quiet, walking very slowly, paying attention – not to the breath, but to the sensation of walking.
Feel one foot lift off the ground, swing your leg through the air, press your foot down onto the earth;
then… the other foot, again and again.
Have someone sound the ending ‘gong' and go back to your normal pace. Sounds so simple, yet the results are profound

Engage in gentle belly breathing
Walk with soft eyes, focussed about 8 feet in front on the ground
Recite a phrase to aid concentration (e.g. I am walking on this green earth)
Wear a half smile – it is said to lighten the footsteps
Stop periodically to pay full attention to one thing – eg. A fallen leaf


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