IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Environmental Awareness Option 05

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Identify the seven principles of Leave No Trace (Board Game)


Per Six
 Copy of game board Laminated
 Dice
 Counter for each player
 Copy of the Seven Principles
 Markers
 Baby wipes



The principles of Leave No Trace might seem unimportant until you consider the combined effects of thousands of outdoor visitors. One poorly located campsite or campfire may have little significance, but thousands of such instances seriously degrade the outdoor experience for all. Leaving no trace is everyone's responsibility.

The Seven Principles
• Plan ahead and prepare.
• Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
• Dispose of waste properly.
• Leave what you find.
• Minimize campfire impacts.
• Respect wildlife.
• Be considerate of other visitors.

In advance copy the Leave no Trace board game (attached) and laminate.
Give each Sixer a copy of the board game with dice, counters, markers and copy of the seven principles
Each Six decide the order of play
Each Six complete the board game
Once they have finished each Six can try and match the examples to the corresponding principles.
Sixes can write the corresponding principle number on game board
They can wipe the board clean after the finish.

In Pow wow ask the Brownies if they can think of any other examples of keeping or breaking the principles
Prior to heading out to complete Investigate and Explore: Choice Challenges 1, remind the girls of the principles they have learned and ask them to note on their walk times they have kept or broken any principle.


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