IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Art and Craft Option 10

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Weave a useful article


 Old newspaper (preferably broadsheet),
 strong plastic bag (e.g. bag for life)
 Strong Tape ( packing tape or duct tape


A sit-upon is a must have for any day out or camp trip. It is lightweight, easy to fold and guaranteed to keep you dry when you sit down. It is easily made by weaving newspapers together into a mat and covering with waterproof covering.

There are a number of ways to make a sit upon. One method is described here and another is illustrated in the attachment.
• Take ten sheets of newspaper and fold them individually into 8 cm wide strips lengthways.
• Take two sheets, fold them in half and interlock them (put the bottom strip of one sheet through the middle of the other strip) and pull so they are at right angles.
• Add a second strip, this time putting the top strip of the sheet through the middle of the other.
• Alternate folds as you add more sheets until you have the desired size.
• Then tuck all loose ends of strips behind your weaving.
• Place the woven mat into the plastic bag & fold the bag to fit it. Then seal with tape.


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