IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 41

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Learn about the weather (investigating the wind direction)


 Protractor
 String
 Ping Pong ball
 Sellotape


Wind is moving air. The heat from the sun produces pressure differences in the atmosphere, which causes air to move as wind. Warm air is lighter than cold air. Wind is a force. If you walk against a strong wind you can feel a force.

Stick one end of the thread to the ball and the other end to the centre of the straight side of the protractor. To begin the thread should hang down the 90 degree line of the protractor.
To measure the wind speed, hold the protractor straight side up in the wind. Read the angle the ball is blown to by the wind. Work out the speed in kilometres as follows (see attachment)

Debrief/Discussion Prevailing Wind Direction:
Go to an open space that has trees growing and look at the direction the branches are growing. If they favour one direction then the prevailing wind is blowing them in that direction. With a compass identify the direction of the prevailing wind. Irish Winds are predominantly from SW.

Check out the link below for additional methods of reading wind speed


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