IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 41

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Learn about the weather (make snow)


 Baking Soda (lots of it)
 White Shaving Foam


We don’t have to wait for winter for the promise of snow – with this activity you can have snow at any time of the year.

How to make snow

Explain to the Brownies what snow is and how it is make naturally, Ireland's Temperature doesn't get low enough (below freezing point) for snow to occur very often. This activity shows how to naje it ourselves for fun.

Place baking soda in a bowl and add shaving foam.

This is not an exact process add small amounts of shaving foam at a time and knead, adding more shaving foam as required until you reach the snow like consistency.

Let the girls go outside and Brownie can have a snowball fight! If it is not possible to o outside, because it’s just baking soda and shaving cream it will clean up easily


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