M2-1 Word Games

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Word games are fun ways to expand children’s knowledge language, whilst they are playing games and having fun. Children can expand their vocabulary and benefit by building their confidence from playing word Games. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack M-2-1


• Word Cards
• Paper
• Pens
Question Sheet
Flip Chart/White board/Chalk board/Large piece of card
Coloured hexagon shapes in two colours
Blue tack/Sellotape


Activity 1 - Go Together Words

Create some word cards.

In groups list pairs of words or phrases that relate to a word on the word card. This may include compound words.

• Picture (frame, rail, postcard)
• Rain (bow, cover, cloud, water, pouring, raining cats and dogs)
• Ring (wedding, rubber, party, boxing, circus)
• Boat (life, sailing, tug, ferry)
• Fire (man, bon, forest truck, mans lift, engine, lighter, fly)
• Box (cardboard, match, jeweliery. ing. er. black
• Card (birthday. Christmas, playing, credit, board, table, game)

You may need to support the children in starting this as some may find it difficult to think in this way.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
You can add words to this. if you plan to repeat this activity then get these cards laminated so that you can keep them for future use.

Activity 2 - Gridbusters

• Prepare the grid on your board/card.
• Print off the questions.
• Cut out hexagon shapes in two colours to stick on the board/card correct answer.

• Draw the grid on the board or card and write a different letter of hexagon.
• Divide the children into two teams and nominate a child to choose a letter.
• From the question sheet, choose a question whose first letter matches the child’s choice.
• The first team to guess the word correctly is given a coloured hexagon and can place it on the hexagon that they won; they then continue either vertically or horizontally.
• One team must go horizontally and the other team must go vertically.
• To win the game, a team must connect all the way from top to bottom, or from side to side.
• The battle as teams compete for a winning route makes the game fun and exciting.

Laminating the coloured hexagons will make them last for future games.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
Children will love this game but you have a choice of questions so go with the question that you think they will get. If it is too easy for them add your own questions to the list.

Activity 3 - World Bingo

• Each child draws a 4 x 4 grid which they keep hidden from the group.
• Then the group takes turns calling out a letter.
• As each letter is called each child must put it into their grid but they choose where they place it
• Children can choose any letter they like, and letters can be repeated,
• When enough letters (16) have been called to fill the grid - each child must count up the number of words they have made in their grid which can be across, down, or diagonal, and the one with the highest score wins.

Children can use letters that help to build words or they can use letters that stop others making words.

For full details see BB Juniors Pro Pack M2-1


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