IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 16

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Make a windmill and try it outdoors (make a kite)


1 A4 sheet of paper
1 20cm Wooden skewer/lollipop stick/straw
Plastic bag or crepe paper
Masking tape
240cm of string
Extra Card or lollipop stick


If the Pack have already made a windmill why not try making a kite to demonstrate the power of wind. Fold the sheet of paper in half length ways. Fold back one side diagonally as shown and tape from A to B. Tape the stick from C to D. Turn it over so that the stick side is face- down and make sure the double fold of the page stands straight up. Punch a hole in this a thirds of the way down. Tie on the string and wind it around the card, Tap the plastic bad strip to B and off you go.


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