M10 Label The British Isles

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Aim: To label a map of the British Isles. To engage the young people in understanding the regions and countries that make up the British Isles. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Mind M-10


• Template
• Pens/pencils


Label the details below onto the template of the map.

Atlantic Ocean – water to the west of the British Isles
Belfast – the capital of Northern Ireland
Cardiff – the capital of Wales
Dublin – the capital of Republic of Ireland
England – the largest area in the United Kingdom bordering Wales and Scotland
Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland
English Channel – water to the south of England which separates it from France
Hebrides – islands off the northwest coast of Scotland
Republic of Ireland – a country west of England across the Irish Sea (not part of the United Kingdom)
Irish Sea – the water that separates England and Republic of Ireland
Isle of Man – an island in the Irish Sea
Isle of Wight – an island off the southern coast of England
London – the capital of United Kingdom (England)
North Sea – the water between the northeast of the British Isles separating it from northwest Europe
Northern Ireland – a part of the United Kingdom bordering the Republic of Ireland
Orkney Islands – islands off the northeast coast of Scotland
Scotland – a part of the United Kingdom bordering England on the north
Shetland Islands – islands far off the northeast coast of Scotland (furthest point north in the British isles)
Wales – a part of the United Kingdom bordering England on the west
Channel Islands – a group of islands off the north west coast of France

The stars denote the capital cities.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack M10


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