M18 Spot The Difference

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Aim: To spot the differences between various things using sight, sound and taste. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack M-18


• Template
• Various food types
• Tape recorder
• Pens/pencils


The Taste Challenge
The idea is to see if the boys can tell the difference between the different types of food/drink.

Cola – There is a wide variety of cola products available now, see if the young people can tell the difference between them. Pour the different samples into labelled plastic cups and see which products the boys think are which.

Can they tell the difference between:

brands – Pepsi, Coca Cola, Tesco Value, Virgin Cola etc.

Low calorie versions – Pepsi Max, Diet Coke, Low Caffeine etc.

various flavours – Cherry cola, vanilla cola, cola with lemon etc.

Crisps – Empty the crisps into bowls and see if the young person can tell the difference in the flavours. Also, can the young people identify the low fat crisps?

Similar things can be done whilst the young person are blindfolded with chocolate, sweet flavours etc.

Sound Test
Send one member out of the room, while on a tape recorder another boy records a phrase in a silly voice. Call the boy back in, and see if he can identify the voice on the tape.

What’s wrong with the anchor?
Copy the template onto card. See if the boys can spot the difference between the two anchors.

1. reverse steadfast
2. half cross on left handside missing
3. rope from bottom right cross to anchor missing
4. top ring of anchor missing
5. B on left handside reversed
6. right hand half cross is shaded
7. @ used instead of &
8. top part of anchor shaded

Members could colour in the anchor

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack M-18


  • anchors
  • challenge
  • DIfferences
  • mind
  • sound effects
  • taste test

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