M2-2 Reading

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To help reinforce children’s reading skills in a fun and relaxed way. Introduction: Reading is an essential part of children’s development expanding their vocabulary. developing key language skills: grammar, comprehension and creativity. It is a great way to open children to different ideas, people, feelings, places and cultures. Reading games unlock children’s imagination and gives them critical thinking skills that help them as they progress through life. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack M-2-2


• Card
• Sellotape
• Scissors
• Children’s Bible
• Glue
• Children’s Dictionary
• Flip chart/ White board or stick paper on wall
• Paper
• Pens


Activity 1 - What Happens next
Read through the text and mark where you are going to pause for the children to predict what happens next

• Predicting what happens next in a story is a good skill for children to develop. Use a story that has a lot happening so that it will be easier for children to use their imagination to predict what happens next.
• Begin by reading the story and then when you reach an exciting part — pause and ask the children what they think will happen next
• When you have had a good discussion let the reading carry on and at the end see if the children were right about their predictions.
• You can encourage the children to bring in their own books and read to the group finding for themselves the place to pause and ask the group to predict.

Some suggested books:
• A Captive In Rome by Kathy Lee is part of a trilogy and could be a good book to use. It is a Christian book and very exciting. The recommended reading age is 10-12 but if you are reading it out it will be suitable for 8+.
• Rain Forest Adventures by Horace Banner, recommended for 6-11 year olds.
• Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. Recommend for 8-12 year olds.

Activity 2 - Sort out the Story
• Read through the story yourself to make sure you know the storyline and background to the story of Noah and the Ark.
• Prepare a sheet with different parts of the story of Noah and the Ark on it and cut it up so there are separate parts. If you can find some pictures based on the story also print these out.

Read the story of Noah and the Ark (Genesis, Chapter 7 - 9:17) to the children from the Children’s Bible or from the NIV (but this will be a longer version)

Then after the reading hand out the sheets with parts of the story on and/or the pictures which depict the story, this could be done individually or in groups. The children must read through the verses and look at the pictures and stick them to a large sheet of paper in the correct order to tell the story.

Talk with the children about the story whilst they are doing this and where necessary provide help and assistance so that they end up with the right order. This activity will reinforce the story, and through the activity and leaders engaging with the children it should bring out lots of discussion.

Activity 3 - New Words
You will need to come up with a list of words.

• Read out the word and write it upon to the board or wall.
• Then give every child a piece of paper and a pen.
• When you read out the word they must write down a meaning.
• It does not matter if they get it wrong and it could be very funny when they call out the meanings.
• You could always get the children to put their definition into a hat so that everyone can be anonymous each time. This could make it funnier and less embarrassing.

For full details see Juniors Pro Pack M2-2


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