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Understand happy and sad feelings.


 Circles of card or small paper plates
 Markers
 green garden sticks sellotape / glue
 wool
 stapler


Each girl is given two circles of card or two paper plates. On one she draws a sad face and on the other a happy face. Sellotape or glue on some wool for hair. To the back of one face attach the green stick using sellotape. Then staple the other face to the back of the first face. So you have a sad face on one side and a happy face on the other.
Then ask the Ladybirds the following questions:
For example: -
• You want to join in with the other girls playing a game but they tell you to go away.
• Someone invites you to their house for a play date.
• Some of the girls are calling you names.
• Someone shares their sweets with you.
• You are going to stay with cousins or granny for a sleep over.
• A girl in your class is having a birthday party but does not invite you.
• Ask the Ladybirds to hold up their happy/sad faces and turn them around according to how they would feel in each of these situations. You can make up any amount of scenarios to suit the group.


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