M2-7 Pairs Games

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Aim: To play simple games of strategy. Introduction: Great games to get children working together in pairs and co-operating and working with different children. Activities for 2 to 6 players. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack M-2-7


• Paper
• Pens/Colouring Pens/Pencils
• String
• 13 Small marbles
• 1 Larger marble per player


Activity 1 - Boxing Clever

• Draw a grid of dots measuring 10 dots by 10 dots.
• Take it in turns to draw a single line connecting two dots (no diagonals are allowed).
• The aim of the game is to create more boxes than your opponent
• When a square is complete write your initial in it, and have another go.
• When all the dots have been joined up, count up how many each player has and the person with the most wins.

Activity 2 - F1 Ink

• Draw a race track on apiece of A4 paper with a star/ finish line.
• Take it in turns to flick your pen around the track.
• Hold the pen vertically with one finger on the end, and the tip resting on the paper.
• Press down with your finger and let the pen flick off, making a line on the paper.
• The first player to the finish line wins!

Activity 3 - Marbles

• Use the piece of string to create a circular playing area approximately 1m in diameter.
• Place the 13 smaller marbles anywhere within this area.
• From outside the playing area, players must take it in turns to use their thumb to flick a large marble to knock smaller marbles out.
• The larger marble must not leave the playing area.
• One point is awarded for each marble knocked out
• The turn ends when the large marble leaves the playing area or you fail to knock out a marble.


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