M2-9 Imaginative Play

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Aim To enable children to develop their imagination. Introduction: Children learn by observing, imitating and experiencing. Imaginative play stimulates intellectual development and social and language skills. Children can be anyone and do anything when they are imagining and will also be able to understand and manage feelings by re-enacting situations, helping children to empathize with others. This form of play is great for all round child development. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack M-2-9


• What Happens Next Templates
• Pens/Pencils
• Colouring Pens/Pencils
• Story Telling Keywords template
For Activity 3
• 1 cup white flour
• 1/2cupsalt
• 2 tablespoon cream of tartar
• 1 tablespoon oil
• l cup water
• Food colouring (blue, red, green)
• Plastic knives, cutters etc.
• Rolling pin


Activity 1 - What Happens Next

• Be encouraging and let them write their own stories.
• Some will spend more time on the text and others will spend more time drawing.
• This is an imaginative exercise so there is no right or wrong way to complete the sheets.
• Once the children have finished you could ask some of them to hold up their sheets and read out their stories.

It may be hard for you to stand back and not give ideas but just watch how creative the children will be.

Activity 2 - Story Telling

• Put the children into small groups.
• Give each group a keyword.
• This will be something that they have to put into a story which they will tell back to the larger group as a small group.
• Try to make sure that all children in the group are involved.
• Give the children their keyword and give them ten minutes to prepare their story. The keyword can be anywhere in the story.
• The children can speak the story or they can act and speak but everyone must play their part.

Tips / Advice:
You may want to go around each group and encourage them. Help them put together a small sketch or story that they can perform for the other group.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
You could add props to the activity — one keyword and one prop.

Activity 3 - Play Dough

Make the play dough using the following recipe. Mix the first 4 ingredients in a saucepan. Add the cup of water and mix well. Cook over a medium heat whilst stirring for approximately 5 minutes. At this point the mixture will become like dough, remove from the heat. When cool enough take the dough from the pan and knead on a surface for about 5 minutes whilst adding the food colouring.

• This could be free play or you could suggest an idea to follow.
• The children could make cartoon characters, an animal, a vegetable, or a plate of food.
• You could make a few ideas up so that the children are stimulated before they start
• If making an animal or cartoon, the children could add eyes etc.

Play dough will keep for a long time stored in a covered plastic container or plastic sandwich bag.

For full details see BB Pro Pack M2-9


  • Imaginary play
  • imagination
  • mind
  • play dough
  • story telling

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