M2-10 Memory Games

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Memory games can boost memory and enhance vocabulary and reading skills. Memory games can foster ability to focus, and lengthen a child’s attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack M-2-10


Activity 3 only
• DVD Player
• TV/Projector
• Pre-prepared questions
• Pen/Pencil
• Paper


Activity 1 - Swapsies

• This activity is best done when the children are not in uniform.
• Split into two teams. One team is left in the room to swap items, whilst the other team goes out of the room.
• Five changes should be made to the children’s appearances.
• For example someone may give their watch to another person; two people may swap shoes etc.
• Once all of the five changes are made the other team can them come in and collectively try to guess what changes have been made.
• You may want to decide who should guess by making those who want to guess put their hand up.
• However once three incorrect guesses are stated then the team who swapped their items can then allocate someone to tell the other team the items they did not get.
• As this activity involves giving personal items to another person it should be entirely up to the individual child as to whether they want to do Swapsies.

Activity 2 - Who Is Missing

• This game wo6s better with a larger group (more than 15 people).
• Choose a player to be the Detective.
• They must leave the room and wait until they are called back in.
• In the meantime one or two children must hide and the rest of the group must stand around without expression.
• When signalled the Detective returns to the room and must guess who is missing.

Activity 3 - Movie Observation

• Pick a particular scene from an appropriate movie/programme, and then go through picking out particular things you notice about the scene e.g Jeff was wearing a green hat or Mr Buckley was supposed to arrive at 14:00 hours.
• Put these facts into a question format i.e. What colour hat was Jeff wearing? or What time did Mr Buckley arrive at the house? These questions will be used later.
• Set up TV/Projector and DVD Player ready at the particular scene in the movie/programme.

• Start by sitting the children down and explaining to them that you want them to pay close attention to the clip that you are about to play to them and that you will ask them questions afterwards.
• Do not say anything more than that.
• Then play the clip.
• Afterwards read out your questions one by one, giving enough time between each one for the children to write their answers down. Once you’ve been through all the questions allow the children to mark their own or each other’s papers.
• You could play in pairs or small teams.

• Make sure that you use a film appropriate to the age of the children in the group.
• You could use a clip from YouTube or similar as there are many movie/programme clips available to view.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack M2-10


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