B2 Attend A Camp

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Aim: To ensure that young people know how to put into practice the various aspects of canvas camping that have been taught In a theoretical or practice environment. A weeks camp at one of the Boys' Brigade registered camp sites I'm England or Wales. Meets the requirements of the BB Company Section Discoverer pack Recreation Outdoor and adventure B-2




• Once the young people have been given formal instruction on the various aspects of canvas based camps (See Tent Craft topic), it is important to put such knowledge into practice.
• During the camp it may be helpful to prepare a check list for the young people, with hints and tips on what to do. This should be customised to be suitable for your arrangements, but would probably include the following:
— General care of the tent, including:
- canvas
- doors
- guys
- brailing
- pegs
- cleanliness
- airing (rolling brailing and removal/folding-in of groundsheets)
- adjustments for changing weather conditions
— Tent Inspection
— Safety around tents and use of equipment (e.g. mallets)

• They should also know that they am expected to exhibit good conduct.

• Whilst at camp a tent pitching competition could take place as a way of getting the young people practising their skills.

Tips / Advice
Regular assessment over a long period (7 nights or 3 weekends) can be difficult with so much else going on. Use input from other members of staff and encourage young people who need to be reminded of the on-going assessment.

Sites covered
Freshwater I-O-W
Whitecliff Bay I-O-W
Haytor Devon
Honeyhill Kent
Chideock Dorset
Dyffryn Ardudwy
Feldon Lodge
Corfe Castle Dorset
Runton Norfolk
South Oxon

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer pack Recreation Outdoor and adventure B-2


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