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Aim: To introduce young people to the Bible, and for them to understand how it is laid out. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-3


• Template (Bible Library)
• A selection of books including subjects such as adventure, war, poetry, songs, instruction manuals, history etc (including Bibles)
• Colouring pens/pencils


Talk with the boys about the following points:
1. How do we get to know other people? – By talking to them, listening and watching. We get to know about people from other countries by reading about them and by watching TV.
2. Lay out a selection of books. What do we get from the books on display? Enjoyment, interest, guidance, encouragement, knowledge etc.
3. Explain that the Bible is the world’s best-selling book. Actually, it’s a collection of books divided into two sections – the Old Testament (dealing with before Jesus was born) and the New Testament (dealing with Jesus’ life and beyond). There are many different kinds of books in the Bible, like in the display here. People turn to the Bible for enjoyment, help, and information just like they do with all other books.
Choose a selection of books in the Bible (try to choose the more known ones – with easy to pronounce titles!) and write their names on cards. Ask the boys to split the cards into Old and New Testament. You could do this as a competition between two (or more) teams. You may need to have contents pages to hand! Alternatively, create another set of cards with selected Bible stories – and see if the boys can correctly assign them to Old or New Testament.
Finish by colouring in the books of the Bible on the Bible template.

Additional Activity:
This makes a great item for a display or parents’ night if done as a relay race. The various “books” are made up from different sized boxes and covered in paper; cereal boxes are ideal. The “book” title is then written on the spine ie. Luke, Acts, Kings, etc. One set of “books” is required for each team. Each boy runs in turn to collect a “book” and brings it back for the team to put into the correct order. If the whole Bible is too much, you could do this activity using the books of the New Testament.

For full detail see BB Juniors Pro Pack S-3


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