S33 How Do You Eat Yours

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Aim: To show that there are many ways to come to Jesus. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-33


• Cadbury’s Crème Egg (One each)


Ask the young people if they can identify some products by the slogan used to advertise them.

E.g. “Cleans in half the time” – Flash
“Does exactly what it says on the tin” – Ronseal
“The taste of Paradise” – Bounty.

Ask what is advertised with the slogan “How do you eat yours?” Show the Crème Egg and ask the boys how they like to eat theirs. Discuss how some people like to eat them such as sucking off the chocolate first, biting straight in or eating it like a boiled egg using a spoon.

The Bible describes the way some people came to Jesus.

Tell the boys about some people such as Nicodemus (John 3) coming to Jesus in secret; James and John (Matt 4 v 21 & 22) dropping everything and following Jesus; Andrew (John 1 v 40) going to find his brother to bring him too.

People today still come to Jesus in different ways. Some come as soon as they hear about him. Some come only after they have thought about it for a long time. Some can tell the very day they became Christians while for others it happened gradually. The important thing is that they knew they needed Jesus in their lives to cleanse them from their sin and to help them live the sort of lives God wants them to live.

Unfortunately, the Bible also tells of others who didn’t follow Jesus. Tell the boys about the Rich Young Ruler (Matt 19 v 16 – 24) who walked away and Agrippa (Acts 26 v 28) who was “almost persuaded”.

“How do you eat yours?” – whatever way they are great to eat.

Point out that it doesn’t matter how they come to Jesus, the important thing is that they do come and ask Jesus to forgive their sin and to take charge of their lives.
Give the boys a crème egg to take home to remind them of the story.

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack S-33


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