S4 The Lord's Prayer

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Aim: To understand the Lord’s Prayer. This is a second year activity, this activity also has a link to S-5 Talking with God. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-4


• Phrases of the Lord’s Prayer on card
• Full version of the prayer (as used in your Church)


Prepare the various phrases of the prayer on cards (use the version of the Lord’s Prayer used at your church). You may also want to prepare a board or OHP with the words on.

Talk through the Lord’s Prayer with the young people. See how many of them know it. Go through each phrase, explaining the meaning.

You can use team game to help the young people learn the prayer. Split the group into a number of teams (team size of 3 – 4). Give each team a complete set of phrases that have been mixed up. The teams race to see who can put the prayer back together in the right order. This could also be done as a relay race, or with the cards hidden around the hall and collected.

This activity could be used in the second year. As a progression for third year young people, they could do the activity “Talking with God”. (See S-5.)

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack S4


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