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Aim: To help young people understand that prayer is ‘talking with God’. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-5


• Mobile phone
• Paper
• Pens
• Picture of a set of traffic lights


Introduce the topic of prayer by asking a few questions about the mobile phone: “What do we use this for?”, “Have you ever phoned somebody in another country?” etc. Explain that we use a phone to communicate with other people – even when they are far away. We can phone people from anywhere. Explain that this is like talking to God. Wherever we are, we can talk to God by praying.

Ask the young people “How do we pray?” Do we close our eyes? Do we kneel? Do we speak out loud? Explain that we don’t have to do any of these to pray, but some people do them because they find it easier to talk to God that way.

Why do we say “Amen”? What does it mean? – “We agree with what has just been said”. What sort of things do we speak to God about? We can thank him for doing so much for us and for being there with us. We can say sorry to him for things we’ve done that we shouldn’t have. We can ask him for things – to be with people who need his help, or situations where we need his help.

Ask the young people to write their own short prayer. They may want to include some of the things discussed above. A template would help with ideas on ‘Thanks’, ‘Sorry’, and ‘Ask for’.

Explain that God always answers our prayers in ways that he thinks best. Explain God’s answers in terms of the traffic lights.

RED – No: God knows that what we’ve asked for is not the best for us.
AMBER – Wait: We have to be patient and carry on praying until we see his answer.
GREEN – Yes: We see the answer very quickly.

His answer is not usually “heard”, but we feel guided by God. God can answer in many different ways.

Finish by praying some of the prayers that the young people have written. If you’re going to ask the young people to write the prayers down, make sure that their reading/writing skills are sufficient.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S-5


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