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Aim: To teach that we must remember God in all we do. This is ideal for the opening or closing worship item. Taken from the BB Juniors Spirit Pro Pack Spirit S-9


• Knotted handkerchief
• Electronic diary
Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 12 v 1; Proverbs 3 v 6
Song/Hymn: Follow Him, Follow Him


I forgot to bring my notes for this talk and I don’t know what I’m going to say. (Wipe forehead with knotted handkerchief) I have a terrible memory.

(See knot in handkerchief) Oh yes! I was to do something today so I tied a knot in my handkerchief to remind me. Wasn’t that clever? Except... I don’t remember what it was.

But it’s all right I wrote it on the back of my hand as well. (Search hands) Oh I forgot I washed my hands!

Maybe I put it in my electronic personal organiser. (Take out organiser and work with it) Clever things these, aren’t they? You can call up any day at a touch of a button and see what you were to do.

Except ... I forgot to put new batteries in it.

Are you good at remembering things?

Have you ever listened to older people talking about the good old days – and some not so good (give examples).

I read of a girl of 13 when asked about remembering things she replied “I remember the flavour of ice cream my gran and I shared at Disneyland but sometimes I don’t remember what day of the week it is. I guess it depends on what you think is important. I wonder what you will remember about tonight. (Give examples of possible things ending with the worship time) I guess it depends on what you think is important.

In the Bible we read of God remembering – not in the sense of having forgotten but in the sense that people were in His mind.

e.g. Noah in the ark. It rained for 40 days and nights. God remembered Noah and his family and dried the land. God gave a rainbow to help people remember His promise. Have you ever written anything on your hands to help you remember things? The Bible says that God has written our names on the palm of his hands and He will not forget about us. (Isaiah 49 v 16). In fact unlike me God will not be able to wash our names off because he says He has engraved them on the palms of His hands.

(Hold up own hands with Bible texts (Ecclesiastes 12 v 1; Proverbs 3 v 6) on each and ask boys to look up Bibles and read out the texts.)

(Explain meaning of texts for the boys and the importance of remembering God in everything they do.)

I hope when you think of tonight this is what you will think is important and this is what you will remember.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S-9


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