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Aim: To teach that God is more interested in what we are like on the inside. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Spirit S-11


• Present A – 1 large, beautifully wrapped
• Present B – 1 medium, nicely wrapped
• Present C – 1 small, odd shaped, wrapped in old tatty paper
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 16 v1-13


Ask young people to choose which present they would pick if given the choice – tell the boys you will choose some of them to open the presents at the end (to keep interest).

Tell the story of Samuel choosing David from 1 Samuel 16 v 1-13

Emphasise that we cannot tell what a person is like just by looking on the outside. You have to get to know them to find out what they are like on the “inside”.

Choose young people to open each of the presents in turn:
A should have something cheap and nasty, or broken in it
B should have something cheap, perhaps with bits missing
C should have something expensive, or the “toy of the moment” in it.

Emphasise that we could not tell what the presents were just by looking at the outside. Explain how God is more interested in what we are like on the inside.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S11


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