S13 Christmas Cracker

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Aim: To remind the young people of the Christmas story. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Spirit S-13


• Box of Christmas Crackers
• Pictures of shepherds and wise men from the Christmas story


Give out a few crackers and let the young people pull them. Talk about what is inside them. Tell the young people that a Christmas cracker can remind us of the Christmas story.

Bang – There is a bang when the cracker is pulled. The bang can remind us of the surprise which the shepherds had when the angels told them about the birth of Jesus.
Present – Inside each cracker there is a gift or a present. The present reminds us of the gifts which the wise men brought to Jesus – gold, frankincense and myrrh. It also reminds us that God gave Jesus to the world as a present.
Paper Hat – The paper hat is usually in the shape of a crown. The crown reminds us that Jesus was a King – a very special King. He was King of all the world.
Motto – There is usually a motto or a message on a piece of paper. The message which we can remember from the Christmas story is that God gave us His Son Jesus to be with us.

Tell the young people to remember these points as they pull their crackers at Christmas.

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack S-13


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