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Aim: To help young people choose how to live their lives. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-18


• Card with the four illustrations on them
• Red “This is your life” folder


Talk: This is Your Life – (red file)
– TV Programme that told the life of some well-known person.

I wonder if someone was to say to you, ‘this is your life’, what sort of life it would be. What is your Life?

Life with a capital I. (put this word on the large card)
You know the sort of life – I want, I want...
The sort of life where you’re suffering from that disease – “The gimme, gimme, want wants”. Is that you?

I want
...more pocket money I want
...A new Game Boy I want
...A new Micro scooter I want
...A better computer.

Always thinking about number 1 (Draw a number one in the centre of the large card)
Or maybe this is your life.

If only (put this word on the large card)
If only
.... I was better at maths If only
.... I was the best at football If only
.... I lived in a bigger house If only
.... My parents were rich.
We’re all a bit like that. Aren’t we?
Always thinking life would be better if only...
But would it? Wouldn’t there always be something else to think – if only?

Or is this your life, a LIE? (put this word on the large card)

Pretending to be something you are not. Or even fooling yourself into thinking you’re something you’re not.
Maybe because you go to the BB, Church or Sunday School you think that you are OK – you’re a good guy – a pretty decent chap – you’ve never done anything wrong.
But we have all done things that displease God and that make him unhappy with us. The Bible says “all have sinned and come short of God’s standard” and “there are none righteous, no not one”.
You see we can pretend to other people and even ourselves all we like but God knows what we are really like. The Bible says “Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart”

That’s why the next type of Life is so important. Is this your Life? (put this word on the large card)

Life with a capital L
If you see a big L like this you know that the person driving the car is a learner. And you know he can’t go out on the road unless there is someone with him who knows how to drive and is experienced.
That’s what Jesus came to do. To be with us and to show us how to live the sort of life He wants us to live.
You see He died on the cross to wipe out the no 1 in our lives (Put a line across the number 1 and turn it into a cross)
To stop us needing to think “If only...”
To give us real Life.
Life with a capital L.
Isn’t that what Jesus said He had come to do?
“I have come to give you LIFE in all its fullness”
The Bible also says, “He who has the Son has Life”

This is the life I wish for you.
This is the life your leaders want for you. That’s why they are here each week.
Why don’t you talk to them about it? I know they would be only too happy to explain to you how Jesus can give you this life.
And it’s eternal life – it has no end – you will live with Jesus in Heaven forever.

This is your Life.
– Which one will it be?
– A selfish life
– An envious life
– A pretend life
– Or real life because Jesus is no 1!

For full details see the BB Juniors Pro Pack S18


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