Traditional Māori Game - Whanowhano

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Traditionally used for Toa (warrior) training. Leg speed and explosive power were essential for dodging strikes from attackers or moving into position to attack an opponent.

Helps to strengthen legs and develop leg speed and explosive power through the jumping. Also develops mental dexterity aswell.




Get into pairs and stand facing each other. If you are still in the air when your opponent has landed you can land in that position, on the flip side, your opponent may be waiting for you to land in the same position and will be ready to snap you out.

There are 4 basic moves to the activity, all of which are started with the call "whano" and both players jump as high as they can and land in 1 of 4 positions.

1. Feet together
2. Feet shoulder width apart
3. Left foot forward
4. Right foot forward

Game 1: Both players call of whano and jump as high as they can and land in 1 of the positions above. If there is a mirror image, the 1st player to call "HI", gets the point. If both players call HI, then the player who calls loudest is wins the point! Play is restarted after each point, the game can be played for a set amount of points or time.

Game 2: Each player has turns calling "whano" if the pair land in mirror image the caller gets the point and you play on.


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