GGNZ Simple Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

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Cucumber tea sandwiches are delicious. They are refreshing and light and very Moorish


Sharp knife
Butter knife
Damp cloth

Ingredients (Makes 4 small sandwiches)
2 slices of white bread
cream cheese
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


Spread the cream cheese thinly on the slices of bread.
Rinse the cucumber. Peel if it is waxed.
Slice the cucumber. I usually slice them about 1mm in width. No thinner or they are just to thin to taste. It doesn't matter if the slices are not whole.
Cover one slice of bread generously with slices of cucumber. Overlap the cucumbers, but don’t make more than two layers or the slices tend to fall out as you eat the sandwich.
Season with salt and pepper. This is to taste. You don't want to overwhelm the cucumber, but it's better fairly well seasoned.
Top this with the other slice and trim off the crusts. Cut into triangles, squares or fingers.
Cover the sandwiches until ready to eat with a damp cloth.


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