Anchors Fun Morning

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A gathering of Anchor sections from various companies in the local District for a fun morning of games and entertainment.


Good contacts with neighbouring Anchor section officers
A suitable venue booked in advance
Consider a theme for the morning - we've used 'Super Heroes' in the past but a theme isn't essential.


Make early contact with as many local companies as possible. The idea is for participating companies to contribute so nobody has to organise too much on their own. The organising company will normally provide the venue and arrange drinks/biscuits. They also liaise with the other companies to arrange the programme and book the 'main entertainment' for the finale. The programme is normally run on a Saturday morning starting at 9am and finishing around lunchtime. Children are dropped off by parents but don't generally stay. A suitable activity is provided while everyone arrives and then a welcome by officers where the programme for the morning is explained. The boys are split into groups (mixed up - not all from the same company) and a variety of activities are planned either in different areas of a main hall, break-out rooms or a mix of the two. Boys rotate around each activity throughout the first half of the morning. Good planning ensures that boys have time to enjoy each activity once so ideally, you need the same number of activities as there are groups of boys.

Activities are provided by the participating companies but good planning will ensure you get a good mix of games, bakes and crafts. We traditionally run our fun mornings in the winter term so it takes place indoors but there is no reason why a summer term fun morning couldn't be run outdoors.

Halfway through the morning, you break for a drink and biscuit.

The final 30-40 minutes is provided by a local entertainer. This gives some of the adults time to clear up activites. Entertainment in the past has included a Christian magician, storyteller, puppet troupe, live animal session and a drum workshop. The finale is timed to end as the parents arrive to pick up their boys. Ensure that any craft and cookery makes are collected.


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