Throw and catch relay

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A throw and catch relay to develop ball skills. Can also help learn each other's names. Best used for children aged 4 - 7.


Ball to throw


Two teams are formed. The first team forms a circle with a leader in the middle ready to throw a ball. The second team lines up at short distance away from the first team. On the whistle, the leader throws and catches the ball to each player once before moving around to the next player 1 point is awarded for each successful throw and catch combination made. While the first team are counting their throws and catches, the second team are running around the circle and back again in relay. When the second team have completed 10 relays, the whistle blows and the number of points noted down. Players reverse places and the game runs again. The points are totaled and the winning team is the one with the most points. Learn names by requiring each player to shout out their name as the catch the ball.



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