S30 Jesus – The Boy

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Aim: To look at the boyhood of Jesus. This is based around the following bible passage: Luke Ch 2 v 41 – 52. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Spirit S-30


• Bible
• Modelling clay or plasticine and short pointed sticks (as long as pencils)
• Unleavened bread, fruit, cheese • Map of Israel


Background – what it was like for Jesus as a boy?

Teaching – mothers taught at home with stories as well as boys going to school for part of the day often outside the synagogue. The Rabbi (teacher) and pupils sat on the ground in a semi circle and they learnt how to read and write. Clay slabs would be used with a pointed stick or they would use the sand. All the teaching would be from the Old Testament in the Bible and they would all read aloud from the scriptures.

Food – this was stewed outside in a simple oven and hot surface over a fire.

Bread making – each day they would make leavened and unleavened bread using fermented dough from the previous day and they would eat it with cheese, dates or stewed vegetables.

Water – this was scarce and would be carried from a spring or well in a leather bucket or water pot carried on the head.

Milk – this was from goats and sheep (the sour milk was thought to be better for quenching the thirst). Cheese was made from the milk.

Vegetables – these would have included: cucumbers, melons, leeks, onion, garlic, spices. Wine and fruit – grapes, raisins, figs, dates, pomegranates. There were no eggs because hens were not known in the Middle East at the time of Jesus.

To do
• Make clay or a plasticine slab to represent the clay writing tablets or have a tray of sand and try writing in it using a pointed stick.
• Read a story from the Old Testament explaining this is how they would have been taught.
• Discuss with the boys what it would have been like being taught in the time of Jesus and how different it is today.
• Try some unleavened bread, cheese, and fruit.
• Try to balance a plastic bucket on the head and walk a short distance.
• Look at a map of Israel and find Nazareth and Jersusalem.

Jesus visits the Temple in Jerusalem
Read the passage in Luke 2 verses 41 – 52

Jesus was taken when he was twelve to the Temple in Jerusalem for the initiation into manhood. Describe the journey back when Mary and Joseph realise that Jesus is missing. His parents are very concerned and worry and journey back to find him. When they find Jesus he is very sorry that that were worried but he explains that he was being obedient to God.

Discuss being lost – have any of the boys being lost at any time? How did their parents feel? How would Mary and Joseph have felt? What did Jesus mean when he said that “he was being obedient to God”.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S-30


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