C2-7 Nature Detectives

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Aim: To explore woodland areas. Instructions: The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. We have over 1,000 woods across the UK which you are welcome to visit for free. As well as looking after woodland and its wildlife, the Trust plants trees and also encourages people to have a go at planting a tree too as part of its More Trees, More Good project. The Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives website hosts over 1,000 free activities for families, schools and groups, to help children discover nature, woods and trees. Start your own adventure at www.naturedetectives.org.uk. A selection of activities from the Woodland Trusts Nature Detective website can be found below for your group to try out. Thank you to the Woodland Trust for giving us permission to include the activities below. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-2-7


• String
• Fallen twigs and small branches
• Pens/Pencils
• Split pins
• Compass
• Leave dial template (download from www.naturedetectives.org.uk)
• Match 'em up! template (download from www.naturedetectives.org.uk)
• Leaves I’ve Collected template (download from www.naturedetectives.org.uk)
• Coloured wool or thread
• Scissors
• Fungi Trump Cards template (download from www.naturedetectives.org.uk).
• Saplings
• Planting instructions (download from www.naturedetectives.org.uk).


Activity 1 - Tracking

Aim: To develop a sense of adventure

Explore a small area of the woodland. looking for several secret summer places.
• You might find a special scent, colour, sound. an animal’s home, and more.
• Now collect some fallen sticks and mark out a trail to these treasures using the sticks.
• If you are in a larger group, you could split into teams and set a trail for each other.
• Maybe other visitors to the woodland will follow your trail too!

Extension Tasks/ Adaptations:
Camouflage . Play hide & seek, and then try it with camouflage. Try wearing green or brown clothes, and adding sticks leave etc. to match the colours of your surroundings. Why not try face paint? Does this make it harder to find people? Why do animals use camouflage?

Activity 2 - Leaf Idial

Aim: To explore and identify eaves.

Have you ever wondered what tree a leaf come from. Make a Leaf dial to help you identify
Step 1: Cut out the Leaf ldial template
Step 2: Using a compass make a hole in the middle.
Step 3: Place a split pin through the Idial and cover to attach them together.
Step 4: Now use it to identify leaves.

Match ‘em up
Hand out the template and ask the children to match the leaf to the tree.

1, e
2, f
3, b
4, k
5, g
6, a
7, h
10, d
11, I

Leaves I’ve Collected
Go exploring looking for the leaves on the template, and then identify them using your Leaf dial.

Answers (clockwise):
Lime, sycamore, field maple, Blackthorn, Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Beech, Elder, Holly Oak,

Activity 3 - Journey Stick

Aim: To develop a sense of adventure.

• In many countries people have developed the idea of creating a journey stick to help them tell the story of their journey to others. It involves tying objects and colours to a stick that represent different experiences, feelings or parts of the journey.
• You will need to bring pieces of different coloured wool or thread with you on your walk. As you walk look for a short stick. Then choose pieces of wool to show places, feelings and to attach objects to create your own journey stick

Activity 4 - Fungi Trump Cards

Aim: To learn about different fungi.

Cut out the cards template.

• Deal out the playing cards.
• All players should look at their first card, and the first player should choose one criteria from the attributes of the fungi, e.g. colour.
• The player with the highest score wins, and keeps all the cards.
• In the event of a tie look at the same criteria on the next card.
• The aim of the game is to win all the cards.

Activity 5 - Plant A Tree

Aim: For every child to have the opportunity to plant a tree.

For detailed instructions on how to plant a tree, go to www.naturedetectives.org.uk. You can also find out about a free hedge and copse pack resource of 30 saplings available to schools and youth groups.

Additional Resources:
• Nature Detectives For lots more all year round ideas go to www.naturedetectives.org.uk, and download quizzes, crafts, factsheets, certificates, play ideas, hunt and identification ideas, art sheets, puzzles, story telling ideas and more! A really fantastic resource
• Nature Detectives CLUB For around 29p per week companies can enjoy the fantastic activity packs; fresh, fun and educational activities emailed through to them every Friday; a giant wall chart on which to place challenge stickers and membership to possibly the most innovative nature club in the UK.

Trips/ Visits:
Find a Woodland Trust wood, local park, or national park to visit.

For full details see the BB Juniors Pro Pack C2-7


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  • leaf identifying
  • Nature
  • Planting Trees
  • Tracking

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