C2-8 My Company

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Aim: to ensure members know key facts about their Company and organisation. Introduction: A series of activities based around the topic of My Company for Junior Section members. Some activities are differentiated for youngsters of differing abilities. The activities can be undertaken by small or large groups. Some activities are designed to be undertaken using a computer. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Community C-2-8


• Pens/Pencils
• My company Wordsearch
• Company Facts template
• Colouring Pens/Pencils
• Computer with internet access
• Colour Printer


Activity 1 - My Company

Aim: To understand key vocabulary related to The Boys’ Brigade and its activities.

Print/copy the wordsearches (2 versions set for different abilities).

• Begin by discussing what activities you do within your Junior Section and what other Companies (perhaps in your Battalion).
• issue Wordsearch and whilst the children are completing it discuss the meanings of unknown words.

Tips / Advice:
You could have some photos of recent activities to start the discussion.

Activity 2 - My Company Information

Aim: To understand key facts about your Boys’ Brigade Company.

• Print/copy My Company Facts template.
• Ensure that the leader is aware of the key facts.

Work through the sheet as a group discussing the answers as they go. and at the end they can colour the pictures.

Have spellings of unusual names and words (eg. Name of chaplain) ready prepared on slips of paper to help those that may struggle spelling.

Activity 3 - Wordle

Aim: To express personal opinions about your Junior Section

• Set up the Computer and printer
• Ensure that you can access and use the website www.wordle.net/create

• Begin by discussing what the members like best about Boys’ Brigade or Junior Section.
• Ask them to think of a sentence about either Boys Brigade or Junior Section e.g. I like Boys’ Brigade because it is fun and we play games.
• Type the sentences into the box on the website www.wordle.net/create.
• You will need about (PAT tested S sentences in total so members could do 2 each. etc)
• Click create and then allow the group to help you to choose colours and layout of the wordle’
• The children could write or type the sentences if they are able.
• If you do not have a computer at your meeting place you could take the sentences home
and create the wordle at home and return with it the following week

If you have enough staff you could have a Senior or staff member operating the Computer and another organising the discussion. The resulting wordle can be used on Facebook. websites or you could print it just for fun.

Trips/ Visits:
Visit or meet with members of another BB Company.

For full details see the BB Juniors Pro Pack C2-8


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