C2-10 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Aim: To teach about the importance of reusing waste. Introduction: Leader’s Notes: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is all about using and throwing into landfill less. Each year the average household produces more than 1 tonne of rubbish, Up top 80% of household waste can be reused, recycled or composted. Amounts being recycled are increasing year by year and are currently at about 23% of waste. Key fact: If every household reused just two feet of gift wrapping ribbon each year. the resulting 38,000 miles of ribbon could tie a bow around the earth. This topic explores all these areas, and suggests crafts that focus on reusing items. Reuse
is all about using a product or material again, whether for its original or an entirely different purpose. By doing this we send less waste to landfill, save energy and can even help raise money. Have a look at some of these ideas and see if you could even start your own social enterprise fundraising scheme. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Community C-2-10


• What can I recycle? template
• Recyclable material
• Other waste material
• Hoops
• 21 plastic bottles
• Scissors
• String
• Glue
• Craft items

Activity 4
• Egg carton
• Small Pringles tube
• Toilet rolls
• Match boxes
• Used envelopes
• PVA glue
• Card
• Scissors

Activity 5
• One empty tin
• Cement grouting
• Paint
• String or wool
• Brushes
• Masking tape
• Glue
• Shells
• Transparent varnish
• Scissors


Activity 1 - What Can I Recycle ?

Aim: To see what you can recycle in your local area.

Research what can be recycled in your local area at www.recyclenow.com. Check what can be done from your home or through the local recycling centre.

All our waste has to go somewhere, but often we just throw things into our normal bins that can be recycled, whether from boxes collected from our homes or at a local Household Recycling Centre. Place the three headings below onto a piece of paper and place besides a hoop. Put some of the materials on the floor in front of the group and ask them to soft them out into the hoops:

• Landfill — e.g. nappies, cuddly toys, crisp packet, crisp tube etc.
• Recycle at Home — e.g. paper, plastic milk bottles, plastic drink bottles, shampoo bottles, drink cans, food cans, tissue box etc.
• Recycle at Household Recycling Centre — e.g. batteries, food waste, soil, paints, plastic carrier bags, shoes, clothes etc.

Give out the What can I recycle? template, and challenge the group to see how much they recycle during a week. Give a prize to anyone who returns their sheet completed.

Extension Tasks/ Adaptations:
• Listen to Busta and Pong’s Recycling Song www.recyclenow.com
• The Regeneration Game is an online game that looks at what can be recycled www.recyclenow.com

Activity 2 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Quiz

To see what you can recycle in your local area.

Split the children into teams or just ask the children the following questions.

This quiz helps explore some of the issues around waste:

What are the 3Rs that help us throw away less rubbish?
• Reduce .‘
• Reuse v
• Recycle —
• Rainbow

How can you reduce the amount of rubbish you throw away?
• Throw your sandwiches in the bin
• Use a bottle for your drink instead of using a new one each day .‘
• Take old bags with you when you go to the shops so that you don’t need new ones .‘
• Have fruits as a snack instead of crisps and sweets. Peelings can be made into compost.

Which of these are examples of reusing something?
• Drawing on the back of something .‘
• Refilling an empty plastic bottle with a drink
• Throwing something in the rubbish bin
• Giving clothes you have grown out of to someone smaller so that they can be used again .‘

What happens to rubbish that we throw away in our bins?
• It magically disappears
• It is made into something new (not true unless recycle bin).
• It is buried in a big hole in the ground called a landfill site .‘
• It is sent into space

Which of these can be made into compost?
• Banana skins .‘
• Potato peelings .‘
• Grass cuttings •‘
• Plastic bottles

Tick next to answers indicates an acceptable answer, you may also decide to accept other answers given by the children.

Activity 3 - Bottle Décor

Aim: To use some rubbish to create a piece of art.

• Challenge your group to turn plastic bottles it into a decoration or piece of an, e.g. cut into the bottom of the bottle and cut towards the top in a spiral. Give the children plenty of opportunity to be creative. They may like to work together or use multiple bottles.
Display the finished items, they look particularly effective when hung near a light source that reflects off the bottles.
• Emphasise that what started out as a piece of rubbish has been transformed into something much more.

Tips / Advice:
Interweave several bottles for more elaborate designs.

Extension Tasks/ Adaptations:
Transform a whole room just using bottles.

Activity 4 - Desk Tidy

Aim: To reuse some rubbish to create a practical household item.

Create a practical desk tidy from everyday household waste:

• Cut up an egg carton into individual containers.
• Tape together various compartments for your desk tidy, using the Pringles can and toilet rolls as the centre piece.
• Add egg carton compartments and empty match boxes around them using tape.
• Use strips of envelopes with printed patterned, and using a mixture of PVA glue with equal parts water. Peppier Mache over the shape covering all the sides.
• Leave to dry overnight

Activity 5 - Bathroom Container

Aim: To reuse some rubbish to create a practical household item.

Apply layers of masking tape around any sharp tin edges.

Create your own sea themed container for your bathroom:

• Glue your shells onto the tin.
• Use masking tape to hold the shells in place until the glue has properly dried.
• Use pieces of string to create wave shapes, and stick to the tin with glue.
• Mix the cement grouting to the consistency of thickened cream.
• Take a flat, broad paintbrush and paint the grouting on the tin, shells and string. Paint a bit extra in under any shells that are not flat on the tin.
• Apply 3-4 coats, and leave to dry for a few minutes between each coat.
• Paint the tin. You may find it easier to leave the tin to dry before applying different colours.
• Seal with transparent varnish.

Devotion Links:
• Ezekiel 34:2-4, 17-19 (Not abusing our privileges)
• Genesis 1:26 (Humanity's responsibility over creation

Additional Resources:
• Recycle Now www.recyclenow.com Everything here is designed to help you really bring recycling to life. Take a look around, meet Captain Busta and his assistant Private Pong and feel free to join in with the song!

• Recyclezone www.recyclezone.org.uk Welcome to recyclezone, the site that tells you what’s what in the world of waste! Although this site is called recyclezone, recycling is only
one of the things we can do about waste. We talk about the 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle.

For full details see the BB Juniors Pro Pack C2-10


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