CR2-2 Art

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Aim: To create some stunning, fun and colourful art projects that can be taken home and kept. Introduction: Children naturally love art — painting, drawing, creating things from their imaginations. Through art children learn to think creatively, to observe and interpret what they have been shown or told. Art helps children to express their feelings, with or without words and have fun — craft and art can be a learning opportunity. Children with physical, emotional or learning difficulties can express themselves and be very stimulated by art. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-2-2


Activity 1
• Cylindrical crisp or biscuit tube
• Scissors
• Black marker pen
• PVA glue
• Tissue paper or toilet roll
• Water

Activity 2
• Coloured card or stiff paper
• Scissors
• Colouring Pens/Pencils
• Glue

Activity 3
• Seilotape
• Newspaper
• Tin Foil
• Cardboard Box Card
• Scissors


Activity 1 - Post Box Money Box

Aim: To make a Post Box money box.

Prepare the craft table.

• Take a crisp or biscuit tube that is cylindrical.
• Draw a slot about an inch down from the lid wide enough to post money in and cut it out.
• Cut out a card square for an information board and stick it to the front of the post box.
• To strengthen the post box, mix PVA glue in equal parts with some water, and paint it all over the tube.
• Onto the glue smooth on strips of tissue paper or toilet roll. Do this so that are two layers of glue and tissue paper.
• Leave it to dry. Don’t forget to let the tube dry separately from the lid.
• Once it is dry use poster paint to paint the box red.
• When the paint is dry, paint on other details onto the information board or draw with a marker pen.
• Outline around the money slot and any other details with a black marker and get the children to personalise their money box.
• Post some money through the slot To retrieve it, open the lid.

You could pre cut the post hole for the children to save time.

Activity 2 - Make You Own Game

Aim: To take the role of game designers

• Tell the children that they are games designers today.
• Give each of the children a piece of card which will make the base of the game.
• Then each child must decide what shape their game is going to take, it can be a square, a winding road, a snake shape or a large circle.
• They will hen need to cut out a shape for each of their game squares, circles, triangles etc. They will need about 15 -20 of these cut from a different coloured card or a few colours.
• These game squares will then need to be stuck on in the shape that that they have chosen for the game to be played.
• Then the children need to decide what they will write on each segment Will it be move on two spaces, miss a turn, go back to the start etc.
• Each segment could be numbered with only some having directions on them. The first and last could have Start and Finish on them. They can also decorate the area around the game board and then write Designed by ..Jo Smith on the bottom of the board. If you have time the children could play their games together at the close of the session.

Activity 3 - Tin Foil Figures

Aim: To use imagination to create animals from tin foil.

Have an example prepared to show the children, but explain that it is only an example and the children do not need to copy it

• Use plenty of Sellotape to hold the shape.
• Twist 4 strips of newspaper into arms and legs.
• Then use Sellotape to hold the four limbs in shape.
• Bend each of the legs to make feet
• Scrunch up a small ball of newspaper to make the animals head.
• Use Sellotape to hold it in place.
• Once you have made all the parts Seltotape them together in the form of animal.
• To make the animal stand securely cut out a cardboard base and put a scrunched up piece of newspaper on it — then tape the animal to the base.
• Next let the children cover their creation with tin foil to make it look like it is made from metal.
• Sellotape can be used to secure the foil — try to hide the Sellotape under the foil or use double sided tape.


  • art
  • creativity
  • game
  • Make your own
  • moneybox
  • tin foil

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