CR2-9 Outdoor Crafts

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Aim: To create crafts that give opportunities for children to go outside. Introduction: Crafts can bean effective development tool for children and a source of personal satisfaction when children are able to finish a task. Creativity is accessed and these outdoor crafts allow children to create something very unique out of recycled and raw materials. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-2-9


Activity 1
• Parachutes template
• String
• Plastic bags — supermarket fruit bags are just right
• Hole punch
• Pens
• Colours
• Sellotape
• Glue

Activity 2
• 1-1/2-inch-diameter foam balls cut in half
• Scissors
• Glitter glue
• Craft foam
• Pipe cleaners
• Glue
• Children’s gloves (this is the essential item for each child)
• Small black pom-poms
• Pom-poms (variety of colours)
• Paint
• Black marker pen (to draw animal features).

Activity 3
• Wiggly eyes
• Glue


Activity 1 - Parachutes

Aim: To make a model parachute and parachutist.

Print/photocopy the template on to card.

• Cut out Parachute man or woman, then get them to colour. Have one made up so that they can copy it. Get them to glue the front and the back together.
• Wrap a small piece of Sellotape around each of the hands. This will give the parachutist a lot more strength.
• Use the hole punch to make a small hole in each hand.
• Cut two equal pieces of string. Tie one string onto each hand and then tie each end to the handles of a small plastic bag.
• Now when everyone has finished they are ready to go outside and make their Parachutist fly.

Don’t just use a front for your Parachutist. The front and the back glued together give it the right amount of weight to work properly.

Activity 2 - Garden Puppets

• Take a small halved foam ball
• Cover the halves with glitter glue for eyes.
• Cut out the body, wings, and mouth from craft foam.
• For the antennae, make two small holes in the body near to where the eyes will be positioned. Fold a pipe cleaner in half and from the bottom, push the stem ends up through the holes.
• Glue the flat side of the foam body to the back of a glove so that the glove fingers which will be your creature’s legs stick out beyond the face.
• Glue other body parts in place.

You may need to use a glue gun or stronger glue to get parts to stick.

Activity 3 - Bitz And Bobs

Aim: To get the children outside looking for twigs and natural things to make their own Bitz or Bobz.

• Get all the children outside, whether on a trip to the park or in your outside space looking for stones, rocks, sticks, nuts, anything.
• Tell them that we are going to make pets for them today — special pets that they can call Bitz or Bobz. They can make rock pets, stick snake pets, nutty friend pets - whatever they like.
• Tell them to collect some Bitz and Bobz and then everyone will get some wiggly eyes and some glue to put them together to make a special pet.
• Children can use a variety of natural materials to create and paint their own pet.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro pack CR2-9


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