B12 Party Games

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A collection of party games that can be used with the younger members. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Body B-12


Old Ties
Self adhesive lables


Wheelbarrow Race
• Boys are paired.
• One boy walks on hands while his partner holds his legs up.

Three-Legged Race
• Boys are paired.
• Their inside legs are tied together just above the ankles.
• On the signal, the pairs run to the finishing line.

Balloon Throw
• This can be played in teams or pairs.
• The teams line up and have a balloon filled with water.
• The first boy throws the balloon to the next boy in the line, who in turn throws it to the next boy and so on.
• If the balloon is dropped it will pop and splash the boy who dropped it.
• The team who gets the balloon the furthest wins.
• If the balloon is dropped, a measurement is taken from the boy who threw the balloon.

Sack Race
• Played in teams.
• On signal, each boy gets into a sack and jumps to the finish line.

What Animal am I?
• Prepare a number of self-adhesive labels on which names of animals are written.
• Sick them on the foreheads of the boys so that they do not know what they are.
• The boys go around asking questions such as, ‘Do I have legs’, Do I eat leaves’, etc until they find out what they are.

• The boys are in pairs.
• Each player lies on his stomach and with arms outstretched, holds the ankles of the player in front.
• The aim is to move along the floor as a worm without letting go of the ankles.
• When this has been mastered in pairs, it could be increased to fours. The longer the snake the more fun and the greater co-operation needed

• Boys are in pairs.
• They stand facing each other about a metre apart.
• Leader nominates one of each pair to be the leader.
• The leader stands with hands out and his partner moves to position himself as a ‘reflection’ of him.
• The leader then moves his hands etc and is imitated by his partner.

• Put a fairly large pebble into a round balloon and blow it up.
• If the balloon is then rolled along the floor it will move in a rather erratic manner.
• Use a waste paper basket or hoop as a target and see who can kick the balloon in the hoop without bursting it!

Citrus Chain
• Boys are formed into a line.
• First boy has an orange under his chin.
• The next boy has to get the orange under his chin and pass it down the line without using his hands.
• This can be played as a team game.

• Boys are in pairs.
• Choose boys to be the ‘robot’ and the ‘master’.
• Robots can only move forward. They have no power to think or make decisions. Robots walk slowly with stiff legs and arm joints, obeying only the direct orders of their own masters.
• The master has to guide his robot and to turn him so as to avoid hitting walls, tables, chairs, and any other robots walking around the room.
• After a few minutes reverse the roles.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack B12


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