B14 Circle Games

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A collection of games that can be played in a circle formation with younger members of the Company. Minimal equipment is required. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro pack Body B-14


Bean Bag


Name Change
• Players sit in a circle. The leader stands in the centre and calls the name of a player and takes their place.
• The named boy stands and immediately calls the name of another player and moves to take their chair.
• Play continues until confusion reigns.

Simon says (also known as "O'Grady Says")
• Players sit in a circle. The leader is in the circle too and explains that the boys copy their leader’s actions.
• The leader then proceeds to shout “Simon says” and then an action like clap your hands, touch your nose or jump up and down twice.
• The boys must perform the action and then sit down in their original positions.
• However if the leader omits “Simon says” the boys are not to perform the action.

Sausage and mash
• Players sit in a circle facing inwards, with one player in the centre.
• Players in the circle ask questions of the boy in the centre who will always reply simply ‘sausage and mash’
• Any player who grins or laughs is eliminated.
• The fun comes when questions like – ‘what does your face look like?’ and ‘what do you sleep on at night?’ etc

Magic Stick
• The leader has a magic wand which s/he points to one of the corners of the room. Each corner represents a different action the boys need to do. For example, one corner could mean the boys need to hop on the spot.
• Boys form a circle with the leader in the middle, and they perform the actions as indicated by the leader’s wand.
• When the leader drops his wand the spell on the boys is broken and they must run to the corners of the room before the leader catches them and they are out.

Circular Dodge Ball
This game will work best with a large group of boys.

• Divide the boys in teams (four, say).
• All but one of the teams form a large spaced out circle.
• The remaining team is in the middle of the circle but is free to move about and dodge about.
• The teams forming the circle can then throw soft balls at the boys inside the circle and if they are caught below the knee then they are out. The team which lasts the longest without all getting out wins.

• This game will work best with a large group of boys as at least two groups large enough should form a reasonably sized circle.
• Split the group of boys into groups and have each group for a circle with their legs facing either all inwards or all outwards.
• Choose one boy from each circle to start for the team. Upon commencing that boys must jump over the legs of each boy in the circle, proceeding clockwise around the circle until they reach their own position again.
• That boy then sits down and the boy to his left then does the same. This then repeats until all boys have gone around the circle.
• The team that completes this in the quickest time wins the game.

Ball, whistle and chalk
• At least 12 boys are required to play this game.
• The group sit in a large circle and boys are numbered 1 to 3. In the middle of the circle place a ball, a whistle and a piece of chalk.
• The leader calls a number from 1 to 3, and the corresponding boys get up and run around the circle back to their own position, through the gap and then try and retrieve one of the items in the middle.
• Give points to each of the items e.g. 3 for the ball, 2 for the whistle and 1 for the chalk. Write down how many points each boy scores.
• Repeat the above for several rounds and the total the amount of points at the end. The winner is the boy with the most points.
• The game can be extended easily by adding more items to collect or more numbers assigned if you have a large enough group.

Tunnel Ball
• Divide the group into two and form two circles with boys standing facing inwards and a leader in the middle of each circle.
• Upon the word ‘go’ each leader throws a ball to one of the boys in their circle who then catches the ball and runs around the circle back to their own position.
• Upon returning to their own position the boys face outwards and roll the ball through their legs to the officer and continue to face outwards.
• This is repeated until all boys are facing outwards in the circle.
• The winning circle of boys is that which finishes first.

Catching a bean bag
• Boys stand in a circle facing inwards with leader at the centre of the circle.
• The leader throws a beanbag to each of the boys in turn.
• If the boys catch the beanbag they throw it back to the leader. If they drop it they must run around the circle and return to their own position and sit down and they are out.
• The game continues until only one boy remains standing.

Sleeping Pirate
• All the boys sit down in a large spaced circle and one boy nominated starts as the sleeping pirate.
• The pirate sits blindfolded in the middle with a fake sword on the floor beside him. The idea is that the pirate is asleep and one of the other boys attempts to steal his sword.
• The leader points to one of the boys in the circle who responds by shouting ‘coming’ and then proceeds to sneak forwards towards the pirate.
• The pirate points in the direction he thinks the sound is coming from. If he is correct the young people sits back. However, if the boy gets to the sword without being caught then he becomes the pirate and the other boy takes his place in the circle.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack B14


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