B15 Potted Sports

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A selection of games that can be played in circuits. A leader to take charge of each activity and another to keep time (watch, whistle and chalk required). Divide the young people into small groups. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Body B-15


• Wooden block (approx 6cm x 4cm x 4cm)
• Chairs
• 3 large and 6 small marbles
• Football
• Skittles
• 3 beanbags
• 3 shuttlecocks
• Waste paper basket
• Score chart, marker pen



• Mark a chalk start line and place the chair about two metres away.
• Each person in turn dribbles wooden block (or a ball if you’re feeling adventurous!) up to the chair, passes it through the chair legs from the back to the front, then from side to side.
• He then dribbles it back across the start line.
• One point is awarded for each completed dribble.

• Place skittle in one corner of the hall approx half a metre from the walls.
• Draw a chalk start line approx 11/2 metres from the skittle.
• Each person in turn has to knock the skittle over by rolling the football, (the ball may rebound off the wall and hit the skittle).
• One point is awarded for each skittle knocked over.

• Draw a circle approx 10cm in diameter and place the six small marbles in the circle.
• Draw a start line approx one metre away.
• Each person in turn rolls a large marble to try and knock the small marbles out of the circle.
• One point is awarded for each marble knocked out of the circle.

Bin the Bag
• Place waste paper basket on a marked spot and draw a start line approx one metre away.
• Each person in turn tries to throw the beanbags into the basket.
• One point is awarded for each beanbag in the basket

Target Rings
• Draw two concentric circles of chalk on the floor, the inner approx 20cm diameter and the outer approx 60cm diameter.
• Draw a start line approx one metre from the edge of the outer circle.
• The young people in turn throw the three shuttlecocks into the circles.
• One point is awarded for the outer circle and two points for the inner.

Jump the River
• Draw two parallel lines on the floor approx one metre, depending on the age and ability of the boys.
• Young people jump over the gap.
• One point is awarded every time they make it over.
• The object is to score as many points as possible in 60 seconds.

• Each team has a skipping rope.
• Each person takes it in turns to skip 5 times.
• He then passes the rope onto the next boy who will do the same.
• For every set of 5 the team receives one point.

Burrowing Beavers
• Line up two rows of chairs parallel to each other, both 10 chairs long.
• Each team member takes it in turn to crawl down one row of chairs and then back up the other.
• A point is awarded for each time the course is completed.

• Start on one blast of the whistle.
• Stop on two blasts of the whistle.
• Mark up the scores given by each activity leader quickly and move the boys on to the next activity.
• Young People should take turns continuously until the stop signal is given.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack B15


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