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Aim: To enable the young people to identify an emergency situation and to make a 999 call. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-9


• Telephone (unconnected)


• Talk the boys through what to do when they have to make an emergency call.
• Emphasise the need to know what service is required, Police, Fire, Ambulance.
• Emphasise what details the boys will need to know about the emergency.
• Practise using (unconnected) telephones.

When you dial 999 you need to ask for the service required (police, fire, ambulance), you will then be connected to the requested service operator.

They will ask:
– Your name and address
– Telephone number (the one that you are calling from)
– The number you can be contacted from
– What you are calling about
– Where is the incident you are reporting?
– Is anybody involved?
– Did you see it happen, or did somebody else ask you to call?

If you are still watching the incident you are calling about, you might be asked to stay on the line so you can tell them what is happening, as long as you won’t be putting yourself in danger by doing so.

Emphasise that hoax or prank calls to the emergency services can waste time and mean that people who need help may not get it.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack C9


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