C15 Conservation 2 (Litter)

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Aim: To think about litter and encourage the young people always to put their litter in a bin. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-15


• Plastic gloves
• Waste paper bins
• Recycling boxes if your area uses them
• Plastic sheeting

Activity 2
• Black sacks or bags
• Disposable gloves
• Litter picker (option)
• Large sheets of paper, colouring pencils/pens, glue


What’s in the Bin?
Bring in a bin and empty contents onto a plastic sheet. Identify the materials in the bin (these may be pre-selected.) Why are they thrown away?

Could certain items be recycled?

A lot will be packaging materials. Explain to boys how all of the waste material costs money to produce and then disposed of.

Recycling: (Dependent on your area)
• Some local authorities provide households with recycling bins. Show these and sort out materials that could go in.
• Arrange a visit from the recycling officer.
• Explain how recycling helps the environment.

Litter Collection:
• Look at your church grounds. Can you see litter? What sort of litter is it? Where did it come from?
• If safe and appropriate, have a litter collection to tidy up the grounds.
• It may be possible to have a walk in the church area identifying where litter is a problem. Can they identify why this is?
• Design a group poster to stop people from dropping litter. These could be displayed in the church or could be more effective if displayed in local shops, public notice boards, etc.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack C15


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