C18 Home Safety

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Aim: To enable young peoples to spot possible dangers at home. Can also be used in conjunction with materials issued by Safety Street or other local safety organisations. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-18


• Copies of ‘spot the dangers’ template
• Coloured pencils/pens


• Discuss with boys the dangerous things in the home? You could list different rooms and ask members to highlight possible dangers. Which is the most dangerous room?
• Use the ‘spot the dangers’ sheet to highlight dangers in the kitchen.
• There are 13 dangers in the picture. See how many the boys can find. Leaders can help the young people with any still to be discovered.

1. Hot water pouring over edge of sink.
2. Water boiling over in pan on cooker.
3. Toast on fire.
4. Electric heater on floor – standing in water and cover broken.
5. Iron left switched on, steaming.
6. Ironing board (trip hazard).
7. Smashed plate on floor.
8. Mat under table (trip hazard).
9. Matches on table.
10. Skipping rope round table leg (trip hazard).
11. Knife on edge of cupboard.
12. Kettle left boiling.
13. Tumbler on edge of table.

Young People could colour in their “spot the dangers” templates.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack C18


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