C2-5 Fire Safety

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Introduction: To increase fire awareness in the home. To engage the children with the subject matter and to let them think through what they would do in a fire situation and help them to understand what action to take. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-2-5


• Smoke alarm
• Batteries
• Fire Maze template
• Pens/Pencils


Activity 1 - Help Fire !

Aim: To discuss the issue of tire at home and to help children understand the right steps to take.

• Firstly ask the children ‘What would you do if there was a fire in your home? Let the children think about this and consider their response. Allow a number of them to answer and then guide them through what is essential (e.g. They must never take time to leave the house, don’t stop to get their things and never ever hide).
• Then you could ask ‘How would you get out of the house?’, Fires can be very scary and can make you confused if there is lots of smoke. It is important to have a plan for how you would get out in an emergency. Let’s all think of how we would get out of our house. Have each child tell you how they would get out of their house, briefly. They should think of another way out in case one exit is blocked. Talk it through with your family and each think of two ways out of your home. Then you can all meet outside.
• Finally ask the children ‘When should you call the fire brigade and how do you do that?’. You should only call the fire brigade once you are outside the house. The number to call them is 999. Do you know your address if you needed to tell them where to come? You should never go back into a house of there is a tire there. Stay outside until the fire brigade come to put the fire out.
• Is it possible to have a visit to the fire station or have a visit from a fire fighter.

Activity 2 - Smoke Alarm - What Is It For ?

Aim: To talk to the children about smoke alarms and to talk through how important they are and that they need to be checked.

• Ask the children if they know what a smoke alarm is and see what responses you get.
• Then ask them why they need one in their home. Tell them that smoke alarms help warn people that smoke is in the air by making a really loud beeping noise. When we are all asleep at night we cannot see or smell fire so the smoke alarm will tell us and warn us to get up and get out of the house.
• Show the children the smoke alarm. And press the test button so that they can hear the sound.
• Then tell them that the batteries need to be changed to make sure that it is working. Take the batteries out of the alarm and press the button. Show them that there is no sound, no alarm to wake us up and warn us that there is a fire. It is very important to test the alarm regularly.
• Ask the children what they need to do if they hear — demonstrate — the smoke alarm going off. They need to get out of the house the way that they have planned.
• Ask the children where they think they need to put a smoke alarm. Where is the best place? Discuss — there should be a smoke alarm on every level of the home.
• Finish the session by telling the children that they need to help keep their homes safe from fire by helping their parent(s) or guardian(s) to remember -
a) to have a smoke alarm installed in the home
b) to test smoke alarms to make sure they work regularly
c) to put new batteries in the alarm at least once a year
• Ask the children to think about where to place a smoke detector in your meeting place.

Activity 3 - Fire Maze

Aim: To draw two paths to safety from the burning house.

Print out the template Fire Maze.

• Give each child a print out of the maze and talk about how to escape a fire whilst they fill them in.
• Let the children take their maze home and ask them to talk to their parents about what they have learnt.


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