IGG Senior Branch CHANGE ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 15

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15. Explore what causes stress in young people and identify ways young people can cope with those stresses


 Information on eating problems and feelings
 A copy of Meena’s story for each girl
 Flip chart and marker


Girls should gather as much information on eating disorders as possible prior to the meeting. Time should be taken to share the knowledge gained and talk about the feelings involved.
Meena’s story should then be handed out and time allowed for each girl to read it.
They should think about what has happened to Meena in the past and how this has resulted in her having an eating problem.
1. What help do they think she needed?
2. How did the people around her meet her needs?
3. If she was in their group how could they offer her support?
Answers and suggestions should be written up on a flip chart.
The discussion could then focus on their peer groups and the possibility of some of their friends having eating disorders.

Health Promotion Pack 2003

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