C2-6 Exploration

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Aim: To help the children to become familiar with the building in which the Section meets. Introduction: The children who come to BB may be familiar with the church, but for many the building will not be well known. These activities get the children to find out more about the building by acting as an explorer. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-2-6


Objects to collect —chocolate coins! mini eggs etc


Activity 1 - My Church 1

Aim: To explore and find out more about our church.

You will need to have explored the building yourself to identify the ten questions you want to ask. Examples of questions might be:
• Which is the largest room?
• In which room is ....? (You might have a picture rather than words)
• How many windows are in the church?

• Tell the children they are going to be explorers and will be finding things out.
• Give them the quiz sheet and go through the questions explaining carefully what to do.
• Children explore in pairs answering the questions.
• Depending on your building it may be appropriate to send the children off by themselves and place an adult in each room, or you might have an adult accompanying the groups.
• Explain to the children what to do when they have obtained all of their answers.

Activity 2 - My Church 2

Aim: To explore the building to locate hidden objects.

The objects to be collected need to be distributed around the rooms that form part of the exploration.

Tell the children that they have an explorer’s challenge to complete. They have to find objects that have been left around the church. Tell them which rooms, areas can be explored. Remember to use any particular names of rooms so that children become familiar with them.
• Show them what they need to collect. It is best to say a number of each item such as 2 eggs, 2 gold coins. 2 silver coins etc. rather than collect as many as possible as some children who might not be as quick will not have anything left to collect.
• Give the children paper cups or similar in which to collect the objects.
• Explain to the children what to do once the objects have been collected.

The items that are to be found could be themed to fit in with another part of your programme. Devotions could also be based around a famous explorer/missionary such as David Livingstone.

Activity 3 - My Church 3 - I Spy

Aim: To find items beginning with a particular letter in the church building.

• Play “I Spy’ in the normal manner in the room where you usually meet.
• Ask the children to see how many objects they can spy in the room beginning with a certain letter.
• Ask the children to explore the building looking for something unusual that begins with the first letter of their first name.
• When they have found something they must not tell anyone! but return to your meeting room.
• When all are assembled ask the first child to take you to the room and ask the I spy question.
• This continues until all of the children have had a turn.

Extension Tasks/ Adaptations:
• Could be extended to the whole building or wider areas outside. Boundaries need to set along with supervision.
• Prepare some “Congratulations —Explorer” certificates for the children once they have completed the tasks.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack C2-6


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