C2-7 We Love Pets

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Aim: To engage children in learning about pet care. pdsa for pets in need of vets. Thank you to the PDSA for giving us permission to use the activities below. You can find more information on PDSA on their website (www.pdsa.org.uk). Visit the kids’ area for downloads + activities. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-2-7


Face paints
Pet Files information sheets (to be downloaded)
Copies of the pet pairs game cards(download from PDSA website).
Soft Ball
• Wordsearch (download from PDSA website).
• Sunflower seeds
• Yoghurt pots (large yoghurt pots are better)/plant pots
• Compost
• Scissors
• Labels/permanent markers
• Access to water
Pet care keywords template (download from PDSA website).


Activity 1 - Looking After My Pet

Aim: To show how specific pets should be looked after.

Download and print Pet Files information sheets and other info from POSA’s website at: www.pdsa.org.uk

• Split the children into groups of 3.
• Each group is given a specific animal and pet files factsheet to go with the animal
• Each group has to paint the face of one member of the group to look like their animal. They then have to prepare a short talk on how to look after their pet. explaining about its particular needs.
• Each group presents their pet to the rest of the group and describes how to look after their pet.
• After the activity has been completed every child could have their face painted.

Use the link below to help with the face painting www.facepaintingdesigns.co.uk

Activity 2 - Pet Pairs

Aim: To familiarise children with pets and objects that are associated with pets.

You will need to photocopy and cut one set of pet pair cards for each pair of children..

• Split the children into pairs and give each pair a set of pet cards.
• They must place the cards face down in front of them.
• Children take it in turns to turn over two cards if the two cards match, they are kept by the child and another go is taken; if not, the cards are turned face down again and the other child has a go.
• The child with the most pairs wins.

Activity 3 - Pet Word Tennis

Aim: To promote positive attitudes towards pet care.

• Ask the children to sit in a circle.
• Start off with a pet — related word and throw the soft ball to a child.
• The child with the ball quickly thinks of another pet care/pet—related word and throws the ball, to another child, For example; Rabbit = hutch is cleaned.
• If a word is not said within 10 seconds they are out.
• Play the game until you have some winners.

Activity 4 - What Everyone Needs

Aim: To know what pets need to be happy and healthy.

• Ask the children to bring in their own clean yoghurt pots.
• This activity is designed to develop understanding about what an animal needs. The wordsearch will introduce children to key words relating to the care of a variety of pets.
• After thinking about the needs of animals, children then think about the responsibility of having a pet. To emphasise the need for responsibility when caring for a living organism. children plant and grow their own sunflower. This can be run as a competition to see who can grow the biggest sunflower — who looked after their plant the best!

• Either individually or in pairs children complete the Needs wordsearch.
• Talk about what an animal needs to be happy and healthy; pupils consider responsibility when looking after a living organism.
• Children get a yoghurt pot and cut some drainage holes in the bottom.
• Plant their sunflower seeds in the yoghurt/plant pots, using compost.
• Label their yoghurt pots with their sunflower seeds in.
• Ensure the sunflower seeds are well watered and placed in a bright position.

Use PDSA’s website to find out more information about what an animal needs to be happy and healthy; you will find lots of advice, downloadable leaflets and videos on pet care.

Extension Tasks/ Adaptations:
As an extension children could then annotate some pictures of pets to show how to care for that particular pet.

Activity 5 - What's That Pet ?

Aim: To enable children to identify what equipment, food and costs involved in caring for certain pets.

Ensure that the room/space being used is clear from hazards so that there is enough room for the activity.

• Ask all of the children to stand in the centre of the room.
• Explain to children that each corner of the room represents a pet; dog, cat, rabbit and hamster.
• Shout out a pet care word from the keywords sheet, children decide which animal it relates to and run to that corner of the room.
• This can be played as a game where children who get the wrong answer/last to decide. drop out and continue until there is a winner; or it can be played as a simple learning exercise.

Images of the animals could be placed in each corner/area of the room where children need to go for that specific animal.

Extension Tasks/ Adaptations:
• Ask groups to include information about how the five welfare needs will be met.
• Tell children about PDSA’s Your Right Pet tool on the website. This tool is useful when deciding what pet is best for you, taking costs, time and space into consideration.

Additional Resources:

The PDSA website is packed full of information on responsible pet care along with lots of ideas about how to help PDSA. You will be able to find downloadable pet care leaflets and lots of
videos to watch all about caring for pets.


The Pet Protectors area is for all children who love animals and want to find out more about how to care for them and about PDSA. There is also information about our Pet Protectors Club and
the gang, along with games and activities.


Schools PDSA is our interactive site to help teachers teach young people about animal care and PDSA. It has a variety of activities and videos for young people.

www.pdsa .org.uk/education

PDSA’s Educational Programme website, where lesson plans, resources, posters, videos and more can be found.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack C2-7


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