A2 Crime Prevention

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Aim: To provide the opportunity for young people to think about what they can do to be a good citizen and prevent crime. Spread this over three weeks 20 mins per week. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer pack, Community, Local and National A2


Activity 1
• Pens or pencils
• Measuring tape
• Weighing scales
• Describing a Person’ template
• ‘Name That Car’ template

Activity 2
You may be able to purchase these items together in a mini-electronics kit for young people or purchased individually
Batteries (9V PP9 Battery or 1.5V batteries with holders)
Crocodile dips
Paper clips
Tin foil

Activity 3
Not all of the following are essential but Their use would benefit the activity:
• Digital Camera
• PC with a spreadsheet or database program installed
• UV Marker Pen


Activity 1 - Identification

The two activities listed below can either be used together or you can choose one or the other to undertake depending on the time you think your young people will take to complete a task.


Aim: To encourage young people to think about how they could describe a person.

Whilst you are Initially explaining the activity and its purpose to the young people, arrange for a volunteer (possibly a member of your church congregation) that they do not see a lot. to come into the room you
are In and take an ken from the room — the item itself will obviously need to have been pre-placed before the activity begins. It Is important that you do not draw too much attention to this — the young
people will naturally look at this person whilst they are taking the item.

• Put the young people into pairs.
• Get the young people to estimate their partners height & weight.
• If appropriate, can they describe what they last saw their partner wearing (i.e. not uniform)?
• Now measure the young people’s heights and weights to see how close they were to their estimates.
• You will now need to look for the item that has been removed from the room by your volunteer — explain that It has been taken / stolen.
• Hand out to each pair one copy of ‘Describing a Person’ template and ask them to complete it for the volunteer who took the item.
• Finally, compare each of the pairs’ answers and gjve a reward to the pair who gets the closest description. This can be done by asking the volunteer to come back in, and ask the volunteer questions such as their age to see how close they were to estimating the details correctly.

Tips I Advice:
You will need to be sensitive around weighing the young people.


Aim: To encourage young people to think about what features of cars make them distinctive from others and how to prevent car crime.

• Begin by asking the young people, by what features a car can be described.
• Take the young people to the church car park and go over the features they have come up with and add to their list from the list below:
Registration No. Model Body shape e.g. saloon Number of doors
Colour Make Sun roof? Type of wheels
• Can they identify any cars at risk of crime? You could arrange some of the scenarios below:
i. Leave something valuable in sight in one of the cars, for example money or electronics.
ii. Have a car parked in a vulnerable position, e.g. badly lit, isolated.
lii. If any leader has a steering lock, get them to leave it off and sitting on the passenger seat.
iv. If any leader has a car stereo with a removable fascia get them to leave the face on the stereo and the case on the passenger seat.
v. Leave open (slightly) one of the car windows or a sun roof.
• Discuss the risks and how cars can be made more secure.
• Finally, hand out one copy of the Name That Car template to each of the young people. Can they match the logo to the car manufacturer? The solution for this activity is shown below (answers from
top-left to bottom-right).

Activity 2 - Make a Burglar Alarm

Aim: To design and make a makeshift burglar alarm.

• Distribute the equipment listed above.
• Inform the young people that they are going to make a burglar alarm that will be activated when a window or door Is opened or a doormat Is stepped on.
• Allow the young people to experiment to make a circuit. The circuit diagrams below are possible Ideas if they are struggling.

Design A:
This is a design that can be attached to a door or window so that a primary circuit is created when the window/door Is shut that shorts out a secondary circuit with a buzzer and/or lights on it. I.e. when the primary circuit is broken the buzzer or lights are tripped on.

Design B:
This is perhaps the simpler circuit design of the two but may be the harder to set up. The idea behind this design is putting a pressure switch (which can be made from tin foil) under a doormat (for example) so that when the switch is pressed, by being trodden on, the circuit Is complete and the switch and/or buzzer is tripped on.

Tips / Advice:
II you are unsure of how to Interpret the circuit diagrams, older young people should be familiar with them from their school work

• Electronic Supplies — Maplin Electronics — w.maphn.co.uk
• Circuit Symbols - http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/symbol.htm.

Activity 3 - Security of Personal Items

Aim: To encourage young people to think about how to ‘tag’ personal Hems to help discourage theft and ensure the return of stolen Items.

• Ust Items around the home that may be prone to theft. For example, electronic equipment, personal
• Go around the church listing items venerable to theft.
• If possible, use a digital camera to take a photograph of each item.
• Record the serial numbers of electronics items.
• Use a UN security marker pen (see below) to put postcode on items.
• On a computer using a spreadsheet or database program such as Microsoft Excel or Access, record details of all the items you have listed. The following information can be stored, some of these can be made up to emphasise the point:
— Date of purchase
— Serial Number
— Make & Model (e.g. for electronic equipment)

Tips / Advice:
instead of using a UV Marker Pen you could also use Smart Water or a similar product to paint microscopic serial numbers onto personal items.

• UV Marker Pens — Maplin Electronics — .mapkn.co.uk
• Smart Water — httpi/www,smartwater.com/

For full details see BB Company Section Discoverer pack Community A2


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